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Looking for our wholesale silver jewelry website? Follow this link to indiasilver.com: wholesale sterling silver jewelry
We have over 500 silver jewelry items online, including wholesale pendants, wholesale rings, wholesale earrings, wholesale necklaces, wholesale chain, wholesale bracelets and more, all at great prices.
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Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings:
Assorted styles and stones
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Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry: Pendants
Fantastic styles and stones
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Wholesale Sterling Silver Earrings :
many designs, prices start at less than $5/pair
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Wholesale Lightweight Sterling Silver Rings :
great price, many styles and stones
We add new products all the time. Check back often!
We sell wholesale silver jewelry and gifts at great prices. Our wholesale jewelry comes from exotic locations like India, Thailand and China. Since we import all our products, our prices are among the best you will see. We guarantee that all our jewelry is at least 92.5% silver (designating it "sterling").

Our wholesale price for sterling silver pendants and rings starts at just $1.25 per gram. We sell silver jewelry wholesale by piece and by weight, depending on the style.

Our range includes silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver earrings, silver chain, silver toe rings and silver rings, both with and without semiprecious stones. We add new wholesale jewelry styles and wholesale gift items all the time, so check back often. We will match any competitors price for similar jewelry or other items.

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